About Garrett Oliver

brewshop-manIt all started back in 1980’s when Garrett lived in England. Back then he was a rock band manager, as such, he would find himself at different bars inevitably tasting their beers. This was the first time Garrett knew what “non-industrial” beer tasted like. He didn’t like it. It was dark and bitter. But it gave him the idea to go home and start experimenting. It is this experience that took him from music and filmmaking to beer brewing. A journey that has left many beer drinkers around the world euphoric.

As a homebrewer, Garrett continued to develop his tastes and techniques.

Garrett continued developing his tastes and techniques as a homebrewer, ultimately becoming the president of New York City’s Homebrewer’s Guild. It was there he met Steve Hindy who was attending a Guild meeting. Steve would later open the Brooklyn Brewery, along with Garret. The subject of discussion during the event was a recipe Garrett was toying with. This method would then become the award-winning Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

The two remained friends even while Garrett was the brewmaster at the now-defunct Manhattan Brewing company. It was while there, in 1994, that Steve approached Garrett about becoming the brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery. Steve agreed, and together they opened the Williamsburg brewhouse.

Since joining the Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett has inundated the market with a slew of new beers themed “treasured seasonals,” “cult hit limited releases,” and “experimental batches.” He has hosted 900 beer tastings, cooking demonstrations, and dinners in 16 counties. And has also written for beer and food magazines.

When he’s not judging beer competitions, traveling the world advocating the consumption of good beer, or brewing brew_banner_homeup a storm at the Brewery, he is busy collaborating on books. So far he has written one, The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food, The Good Beer Book; co-written one with Timothy Harper, and edited one, The Oxford Companion to Beer (OCB).

Garrett’s other activities include working with the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) to develop their curriculum based on, you guessed it, beer!